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Science Surgery: ‘Does cancer attack every age group?’


Different shaped cancer cells Credit: Dr Chris Bakal Our Science Surgery series answers your cancer science questions.  Rich asked: Does cancer attack every age group?  Every two minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer. So whether it’s a friend, family member or your own diagnosis, cancer touches all of us, no matter how old.   […]

Lung Cancer Stigma’s Harmful Consequences


Despite increased awareness around lung cancer in recent years, the stigma associated with the disease remains an issue for the lung cancer community. Beyond the known psychosocial issues associated with this stigma, our research has revealed that both patients and oncologists feel that the stigma can actually affect the level […]

I Was Diagnosed with Breast Cancer At Nearly The Same Age My Mother Was


By Lara Parsons When you think of the classic attitude that sickness or death will never happen to you, or that you are one of the lucky ones that haven’t been personally affected, that was never me. Since the age of five, cancer has been a very close relative to […]

Canadian Breast Cancer Symposium: We Did It!


Two years ago, MJ and I were sitting at the Canadian Breast Cancer Symposium, a biannual meeting focused on breast cancer management, listening and Tweeting about the latest research on CDK4 inhibitors when a patient tweeted back, “Where are the patients at the Symposium?” A great question and one that […]

Why I’m Grateful on my 40th Birthday

By Adriana Capozzi The last day of my 30’s was an emotional day. My 20’s were full of so many amazing experiences that I never thought it could get better.  I took a risk and quit my full-time office job to travel and in doing so, found my love for […]

Summer Beauty Edit: Clean Beauty Edition


With summer comes all the goodness the warm weather brings like fresh local produce, longer sunlight-filled days and pared-back routines (hello summer hours and minimal makeup!). In honour of the first day of summer (Fri-nally!), we’ve rounded up some new clean beauty faves to help you achieve a low-key look […]