Author: Martin Lenc

News digest – HPV vaccine, prostate cancer urine test, IVF breast cancer risk and baby food


Review adds to the evidence of HPV vaccination success A review of lots of different studies has added to evidence showing that the HPV vaccination in girls has reduced rates of HPV infection, and pre-cancerous cervical changes, in several countries. Experts say it’s still too early to see the effect of […]

Science Snaps: seeing the effects of proteins we know nothing about


A cancer cell stained to reveal proteins important for determining the shape of the cell, like integrin (green). Image credit: Anh Hoang Le, CRUK Beatson Institute. Anh Hoang Le, a PhD student at the Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute in Glasgow, studies two proteins that we know curiously little about: […]

More Treatment Options Emerging for Some Men with Metastatic Prostate Cancer


June 19, 2019, by NCI Staff Enzalutamide and apalutamide block the androgen receptor (AR) on cancer cells, blunting androgen’s (A) ability to fuel prostate cancer growth. Credit: Cancers 2017. doi:10.3390/cancers9020020. CC BY 4.0. The treatment landscape for metastatic prostate cancer is shifting and expanding yet again, according to new findings […]

Navigating Breast Cancer as a Young, Queer, Mixed-Race Woman


By Kimiko Tobimatsu Not long ago, I was at the launch of Reflections on Illness, a zine of essays, interviews and comics by activists in Canada who face life-threatening sicknesses. It was a powerful night. I’d rarely before heard people talk about cancer in the same breath as organizing, capitalism, […]

The scientists on a mission to revolutionise brain tumour research


In January 2018, Baroness Tessa Jowell bravely stood up in the House of Lords and called for more funding and support for people with brain tumours. “For what would every cancer patient want?” she asked. “To know that the best, the latest science was being used – wherever in the […]

Budgeting 101 and Breast Cancer


By Jade Griffiths Okay, let’s talk: money. Balancing finances can be one of the most challenging aspects of breast cancer “aftermath” and – let’s be real – most of us don’t budget for a breast cancer diagnosis. We know it. You know it. But, what can we do about it? […]