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#YWMBC: Sarah


Name: Sarah BlackmoreAge: 27Occupation: Speech-Language PathologistAge when diagnosed with breast cancer: 26 (two weeks before my 27th birthday, happy birthday to me!)Breast cancer type: ER PR- HER2 Invasive Ductal CarcinomaBreast cancer stage: Stage 4 (Oligometastatic with two metastases to the sternum)Treatment: Aggressive treatment with curative intent. Eight rounds of chemotherapy, […]

The 411: How Music Therapy Can Be Part Of Your Cancer Care


Here’s a good reason to tune in: music therapy can have a positive impact on your cancer care plan. We asked SarahRose Black, an accredited music therapist and registered psychotherapist to weigh in on all the benefits that music can bring no matter what age or stage you’re at in […]

I Was Diagnosed with Breast Cancer At Nearly The Same Age My Mother Was


By Lara Parsons When you think of the classic attitude that sickness or death will never happen to you, or that you are one of the lucky ones that haven’t been personally affected, that was never me. Since the age of five, cancer has been a very close relative to […]

Canadian Breast Cancer Symposium: We Did It!


Two years ago, MJ and I were sitting at the Canadian Breast Cancer Symposium, a biannual meeting focused on breast cancer management, listening and Tweeting about the latest research on CDK4 inhibitors when a patient tweeted back, “Where are the patients at the Symposium?” A great question and one that […]