Category: Post-Treatment

My Post Mastectomy Thoughts


By Shaaron Zach “I wish I could just cut these flaps off.” That’s the script that runs through my head when I see myself naked. When I had my double mastectomy, I was told that I couldn’t have immediate reconstruction because my lymph nodes needed to be sent off to […]

Living in the Aftermath of Breast Cancer


By Tanya McLaughlin What is the aftermath of breast cancer? When I think of the word aftermath I instinctively think of a war; when the fighting ends and the dust settles. I looked up the definition just to see what the true meaning is defined as. “Aftermath is the consequences […]

It’s Baby Time


By Dory Kashin It feels so good to say this: We’re officially pregnant! It has been one year since going off Tamoxifen and Zoladex and beginning the process of joining the Baby Time study to try and get pregnant. After my second IUI and the subsequent paranoia that kicked in […]