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News digest – HPV vaccine, prostate cancer urine test, IVF breast cancer risk and baby food


Review adds to the evidence of HPV vaccination success A review of lots of different studies has added to evidence showing that the HPV vaccination in girls has reduced rates of HPV infection, and pre-cancerous cervical changes, in several countries. Experts say it’s still too early to see the effect of […]

News digest – brain tumour awards, CAR T cell therapy, NHS ‘fast-tracking’ drugs and NICE decisions


Boosting brain tumour research A year on from the death of Baroness Tessa Jowell, the former Labour cabinet minister diagnosed with glioblastoma who campaigned for funding and support for brain tumours, 3 newly-funded brain tumour research teams have been assembled. Brain tumour survival has remained dismally low for years and […]

News digest – ultra-processed food, liquid gel spacer, night shift work and how breast cancer spreads 

news-digest-– ultra-processed-food, liquid-gel-spacer, night-shift-work-and how-breast-cancer-spreads 

A breast cancer cell. LRI EM Unit First NHS patient treated with radiotherapy liquid gel spacer  The NHS has rolled out a new ‘liquid gel spacer’ which helps reduce the side effects of radiotherapy. Radiotherapy treats prostate cancer but can cause side effects such as bleeding, diarrhoea and incontinence. The gel is injected in the space between the prostate and the rectum and reduces the […]

News digest – bowel cancer rates, brain tumour ‘pink drink’, cigarette displays and chewing gum


Section of human colon showing sausage-shaped crypts. Image courtesy of Winton lab.  Bowel cancer rates in younger people on the rise Figures from 2 large, multinational studies have shown an increase in bowel cancer cases in younger people.  One of the studies, part-funded by Cancer Research UK, calculated that there […]