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I Was Diagnosed with Breast Cancer At Nearly The Same Age My Mother Was


By Lara Parsons When you think of the classic attitude that sickness or death will never happen to you, or that you are one of the lucky ones that haven’t been personally affected, that was never me. Since the age of five, cancer has been a very close relative to […]

The Top Five Cancer Podcasts On Our Playlists


By Hannah Ziegler The conversations about cancer don’t have to be limited to doctor’s offices or phone calls with friends: in the ever-growing podcast world, cancer-centric audio is easily accessible and on the rise. We’ve rounded up five of the most informative and entertaining cancer-themed podcasts on the market right […]

Why this Skeptic is a Reiki Believer


Written By: Shauna K Illustration By: Sandrine Djellil I’ve always felt it’s a good idea to have a healthy amount of skepticism. Before being diagnosed with cancer, seeing was believing. In terms of health, I needed tangible evidence, or it wasn’t worth trying (read: studies published in medical journals backed […]

The Importance of Sleep When You Lose a Loved One


Two years ago, my mom lost her best friend to breast cancer. Lori was like an aunt to me and the first person close to me that I had ever lost. Death has a way of shaking you. There wasn’t a night that went by I didn’t think of Lori […]

Top Six Tips When Seeking Financial Assistance on Your Lung Cancer Journey


If you or a loved one have lung cancer, you know that it is not only taxing emotionally but also financially. And it’s not just the high prices of medication that take a toll on your wallet, it’s the gas needed to fill your car for the multiple hour drive […]