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My Post Mastectomy Thoughts


By Shaaron Zach “I wish I could just cut these flaps off.” That’s the script that runs through my head when I see myself naked. When I had my double mastectomy, I was told that I couldn’t have immediate reconstruction because my lymph nodes needed to be sent off to […]

Navigating Breast Cancer as a Young, Queer, Mixed-Race Woman


By Kimiko Tobimatsu Not long ago, I was at the launch of Reflections on Illness, a zine of essays, interviews and comics by activists in Canada who face life-threatening sicknesses. It was a powerful night. I’d rarely before heard people talk about cancer in the same breath as organizing, capitalism, […]

Rethink Remembers: Teva Harrison


Teva, It’s taken a little while to get to this tribute. I tend to procrastinate on things I do not want to do, and I really did not want to ever have to find the words for this. I wanted you to go on finding four-leaf clovers and being our […]

It’s Baby Time


By Dory Kashin It feels so good to say this: We’re officially pregnant! It has been one year since going off Tamoxifen and Zoladex and beginning the process of joining the Baby Time study to try and get pregnant. After my second IUI and the subsequent paranoia that kicked in […]